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Dr. Coon has played an instrumental role in numerous international neurovascular device trials in the past decade.  These trials included the SCENT trial (Surpass flow diverter), WEB-IT (WEB intrasaccular device), PREMIER (Pipeline indication expansion trial), and FRED trial (PMA trial for the FRED flow diverter).  This has included either being the academic site principal investigator, as a member of the steering of the upcoming EVOLVE study, or one of the leading enrollers of these trials. 

Dr. Coon served as the principal investigator for the SCENT Trial at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, an international, multi-center, prospective, clinical trial comparing outcomes of the SurpassTM Flow Diverter (Stryker Neurovascular, Freemont, CA) treatment to a historical control in the treatment of unruptured large and giant wide neck intracranial aneurysms. This data was recently published in the journal Stroke, and represents the largest prospective multi-center flow diversion study ever completed.

Dr. Coon currently serves as a member of the steering committee for the upcoming EVOLVE study, an international multi-center study to evaluate the latest generation flow diverter.  This study is slated to enroll 250 patients in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Coon will serve as the site PI for the Carondelet Neurological Institute.  He will also play an instrumental role in the trial as one of the physician proctors for the study.  



With over 200 peer reviewed publications on the subject of flow diversion devices and the techniques associated with them, and all topics of vascular neurosurgery.

Dr. Coon is a beacon of inspiration for the continued innovation in the field of endovascular neurosurgery.  His recent work speaks to the increasing complexity of modern neurointerventions and the shift of intracranial access techniques towards more robust distal support platforms, the use of platelet aggregation inhibitors for the management of acute intraprocedural thromboembolic complications during flow diversion treatment, and more broadly, procedural and occlusion outcomes following endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms. 

He is internationally recognized for his research and clinical skills in the area of flow diversion and cerebral aneurysm treatment. He has been asked to lecture and proctor individual physicians on the use of flow diversion devices worldwide. He has also served as the faculty of numerous flow diversion courses throughout the country and abroad.

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Dr. Coon Research Group

Dr. Coon has developed an independent research program that collaborates with other centers of excellence (University of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Irvine) across the nation to evaluate most innovative and most recent neuroendovascular devices.  Through these collaborations with his colleagues, he aims to continue to drive the field to develop innovative and novel techniques for the treatment of brain aneurysms. 

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