Dr. Coon Presents the Latest data of (SCENT)

02/05/2019 – At the International Stroke Conference (ISC) in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Coon presented the latest data of the SurpassTM IntraCranial Aneurysm EmbolizatioN System Pivotal Trial (SCENT), the largest trial to date with adjudicated data on the use of flow diverters.

The ISC conference is the world’s premiere conference devoted to the science and treatment of stroke with presentations by the world’s experts in cerebrovascular disease.

The SCENT trial evaluated the use of the Surpass Flow Diverter in treating 180 brain aneurysms. The Surpass Flow Diverter was developed to treat large or giant wide-neck intracranial aneurysms not amenable to surgical or current standard endovascular treatment due to location, morphology, or known treatment challenges.

The SCENT trial was an international, multi-center, prospective, non-randomized trial comparing the outcomes of SurpassTM to historical controls. Dr. Coon highlighted the technical success of the trial, 97.8% (176/180), and the 12-month primary effectiveness rate of 62.8% (n=113).